Materials for technical sharing

Android First Steps.

Experience that laptop refuse to work with external monitor 🙁
FirstSteps-2003 Materials

Preparing was ready to open development door , but ….

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Gokifu 1.3 Release

Released new Version

Navigation changes:
KGS Top 100 games only
Pro games only
Other games only
PDF is avail only for registered users.

Performance tuning improving.

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Android-X86 faster emulator

Default ARM Emulator which comes with Android is very slow.
So idea to setup X86 Version of Anroid into VirtualBox and use it for deploy.
There are nice project

Requirements for usage:
To have fully installed anroid development environment setup sdk .
Virtual Box

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Stone Forest

This weekends was to tight .
Saturday Buddha cave park it was rainy day,
Sunday Stone Forest and nice weather .

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GoKifu 1.2 Release

-Navigation is more clear language switch url based zh ,ru,en,de,e.t.c
-Chinese web site improvement
Minor Changes in translation .
Site map
– Fixed control panel for games game example
-Name of players added bellow diagram in player

Big changes in internal architecture.

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Уж очень люблю я пить разные чаи. Сегодня меня угостили чайком:)
Ну на вкус скажем так горьковатый и сладкий..
А теперь самое интересное это не чай, это пакетированный гриб .
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Gokifu official 1 year

13-03-2010 I have opened first version of Gokifu.
The first design was very simple.
First Design go kifu

The key issues :
Detect Encoding of input files , recode to UTF-8
GIF Creation
PDF Creation
And many other’s
Logo of book was replaced by fire ,and colour from blue to orange;)
I have received many positive feedback and suggestion about website .

For the anniversary i have added past ten years 2000-2010 to Database 😉
Currently there are more than 20-000 pro games in Database .

In progress more games ,when i will have more time.
If you have any pro sgf’s collection just send me ,to info at .

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Мечты сбываются iPad /Fallout 1

Сегодня вышло приложение iDos
форк проекта DosPad

Как выяснилось можно через программу phone-explorer Заливать файлы в iDos

Инсталлировал Fallout 1

положил установку в c:\f1inst
далее по порядку

subst d c:\f1inst
выбирал среднюю установку на 90мб

папка \f1
после завершения установки
cd f1
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Выпустил новую версию Гокифу .

Список изменения :
Добавил кнопку назад (просмотр партии теперь не в новом окне)
Улучшил скорость загрузки главное страницы
Переехал в Облачное хранилище PDF,GIF,PNG
Добавлена поддержка LiveJournal
Улучшена работа с пользователями.
Архив корректно отображается

В След версию войдут турниры.

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Gokifu in Google Storage / Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage movement Google Storage

I Expected easy to move.
In practices happen the following .

Structure of storage

usually if you use gsutil.

gsutil cp *.jpg gs://mybucket – this command will copy all *.jpg files from current location to mybucket
gs://mybucket/object1.jpg ,e.t.c it’s logical address within storage same data is avail via http protocol.

Each Object , Bucket has owner . You can add somebody to owners by gmail address/ or directly public-read .
In common sense it means that this service in future is possible to integrate some company services.

Python Story .

My web hosting has python 2.4 ,2.5 ,2.6
Python 2.4 is invoked by default. I have changed source code of gsutil to fit ,

try ,except , commented “finally” in several places. From first sight tools was working,but on large
file i have discovered it’s not works, i follow up suggestion switched to python 2.6 and took original source code.

Migration of Data.

This only require time to move PNG,PDF,GIF to cloud , of course with public access.
It’s ~ 9000 of files .

Source code modification .

I have modified to put fresh data into cloud.

The Summary .

Cloud storage can extend even small web.
Access Rights guarantee privacy .
Easy to add to source code .
Before moving to cloud you need estimate how many data to migrate . in google cloud

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