Gokifu in Google Storage / Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage movement Google Storage

I Expected easy to move.
In practices happen the following .

Structure of storage

usually if you use gsutil.

gsutil cp *.jpg gs://mybucket – this command will copy all *.jpg files from current location to mybucket
gs://mybucket/object1.jpg ,e.t.c it’s logical address within storage same data is avail via http protocol.

Each Object , Bucket has owner . You can add somebody to owners by gmail address/ or directly public-read .
In common sense it means that this service in future is possible to integrate some company services.

Python Story .

My web hosting has python 2.4 ,2.5 ,2.6
Python 2.4 is invoked by default. I have changed source code of gsutil to fit ,

try ,except , commented “finally” in several places. From first sight tools was working,but on large
file i have discovered it’s not works, i follow up suggestion switched to python 2.6 and took original source code.

Migration of Data.

This only require time to move PNG,PDF,GIF to cloud , of course with public access.
It’s ~ 9000 of files .

Source code modification .

I have modified to put fresh data into cloud.

The Summary .

Cloud storage can extend even small web.
Access Rights guarantee privacy .
Easy to add to source code .
Before moving to cloud you need estimate how many data to migrate .

http://gokifu.com/e/2jq.pdf in google cloud http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/gokifu/2jq.pdf

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