My visit of tournament City League A , 30-10-2010 China/Sichuan/Chengdu

I was get up at 6:45 . I have arranged meeting at 7:00 with friend .

We arrived to Hotel at 8:00 🙂

This day should be 4 games between Shanghai team and Chengdu

Shanghai Team
Chang Hao (9p)
Qiu Jun (8p)
Zhu Yuanhao (3p)
Hu Yaoyu (8p)

Chengdu Team
Yang Yi (6p)
Dang Yifei (4p)
Gu Lingyi (5p)
Lee Yeongkyu (8p)

This round has 4 tables.

3 Slow games control 2h 30m + boyomi and 1 blitz game

1st board game Hu Yaoyu (8p) vs Lee Yeongkyu (8p)

2nd board game Yang Yi 6p vs Chang Hao 9p

This day i was transcribing game between
3rd board game Qiu Jun (8p) vs Dang Yifei (4p)

The Qiu Jun physical condition was not so good so far , he get somewhere cold ..
Whole game Dang Yifei were putting pressure and during the end game Qiu Jun won .

4th board game was BLITZ Gu Lingyi (5p) vs Zhu Yuanhao (3p)

This game was special 🙂 Many other players time from time watching this game 🙂
It was big fight all started from one corner .

This guys after games spent ~1hour to watch corner ,after 40 moves 🙂
As you can see from photos .
After game board was full of stones and process of review was stared 🙂

Game Record 🙂

The game result is 2:2 🙂

Lunch Time 🙂

1st board

2nd board

3rd board

Games are located here :
Hu Yaoyu (8p) Lee Yeongkyu (8p)
Yang Yi (6p) vs Chang Hao (9p) –
Qiu Jun (8p) vs Dang Yifei (4p) –
Gu Lingyi (5p) Zhu Yuanhao (3p) –

Random Pictures

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  1. Jyyer says:

    may I know how do your insert the Gokifu go game screen?? what code do you use?

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